Hottest wedding trends for 2022!

Hottest wedding trends for 2022!

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After the pandemic celebrations are back and they are bigger than ever! so, if you are a 2022 bride/groom get ready to check the hottest trends for this year:

1- Garden weddings

Because springtime is all about romance and new beginnings, more couples are choosing relaxed, outdoor weddings from blossoming flowers to fresh scents, spring wedding fashion can also show softness and femininity by choosing colors like petal pinks and light lavenders, and even the lightest shade of grey.

 2- Bridgerton inspired wedding

 Forget the days of micro-weddings and small parties, brides are now opting to go big when choosing wedding dresses, embellished headpieces, as well as more colorful wedding dresses with details such as puff-sleeved dresses, pearls, and elegant accessories, brides, are looking to make an impact and embrace the trends dawned by the Bridgerton ladies.

 3- The engagement ring

Larger rings are gaining popularity, pear-shaped gemstones make rings look more feminine, their graceful curves allow the stone to sparkle bright, and if you are looking for simplicity and elegance a classic solitaire ring is timeless because solitaire is an ageless all-time classic.

bride touches her wedding ring on finger in front of white lace wedding dress.

4- Virtual save the dates

Virtual wedding invitations grew in popularity in the last couple of years, while the romance of the real invitations can never be replicated online but we love the new ideas of virtual save the dates invitations, these invitations are ideal for modern on-budget weddings as they can accommodate last-minute changes.


5- Bows

Bows are back! big ones, little ones on hair accessories, shoes, dresses, or cake tables, and We love them!

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