How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle?

How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle?

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Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be a difficult decision for many brides. It is important to know that not every hairstyle, that might look beautiful on the model, can be suitable for you.  Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you the most important points and steps that will help you choose the right hairstyle.

 At the beginning, the bride must take into consideration the shape of the wedding dress, from the collar to the ornaments and the details on it, in addition to the veil's shape and the amount of details and stones that adorn it. 

When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to consider the shape of the face.  Many women do not know how to classify the shapes of their faces, which leads them to choose a hairstyle that does not suit their faces, for example: 

The Oval Face
If you have an oval face you can rock any hairstyle, whether it’s buns, chignon, fringes or half up half down wedding hairstyles.


The Square Face
The best wedding hairstyles are low bun, with free-running curls. You can leave your hair down with an optional center part to open your face and soften the angles.

The Heart-Shaped Face
Rock a slightly off center-parted hair. You may also leave it down, and allow it to cover the sides of your chin. Whatever you do, make sure your hair is well textured. 

The Rectangle Face
Choose wedding buns hairstyles. A top-knotted bun high up at the back of your head. You may also leave your hair down in-side sweeping curls. This accentuates your cheekbones and adds width to the face.
The Round Face
Choose side-parted hairstyles with sleek ponytails. Or leave your hair down with a deep side part to create an angular look.
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